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Adventure Travels MT wants you to have your travel resources at your fingertips.
Please feel free to stop in, call or email your questions.

Bozeman Airport (BZN):

Department of State Travel Advisories:

Center for Disease Control (CDC):

Here are links to our local airlines information and travel advisory pages:



America Airlines:


Jet Blue:

Sun Country:

Patience: Pack it

Travel can be stressful, be sure to pack your patience, have what you need for a lengthy layover in your carry on bag, be ready to lend a hand and always

Not all of us have the virtue of patience but think of it this way: if you get mad, you lose. At the end of the day, when it comes to travel being rude, impatient or demanding won’t get you to your destination any faster.

Let’s Review Your Check-list Before You Go

Let us take a lot of the stress and all of the guess work out of your trip! We want you to know before you go: Visa? Vaccinations?Travel Insurance? Currency or Credit Card ? Will my phone work? Can I drink the water? How will I get to my resort/hotel? Is there an exit tax? Can I bring my prescription?

We will get the answers you need to travel prepared.

What Will You Get Out Of Traveling?

  • Improves Social and Communication Skills, might even learn a new language…
  • Ensures Peace of Mind By Disconnecting From the Daily Grind …
  • Helps You Reconnect With Your Original and Creative Thoughts.
  • Broadens Your Horizons. …
  • Enhances Your Tolerance for Uncertainty. …
  • Boosts Up your Confidence. …
  • Gives You A Real-life Education.

Challenge yourself to learn more about different cultures, expand your perspectives, get in touch with yourself, strengthen old relationships and build new ones and always have an adventure!

Let us know how we can answer your travel questions.

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